Predictive Policing in San Francisco

This is an interactive map that predicts crime in San Francisco. The data used to make the predictions was from 2016 and the "actual" number of crimes are from 2017.

When you select a day of the week and an hour of the day, you can see how many crimes actually happened and compare it to the predictions I had made. As you can see, the predictions are close, with 86% accuracy in total.
Even though I used very few inputs, the results seem accurate enough to send more police to areas which predict higher crime. However, this would quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Predictive policing models are misguided, obscure, racist, and dangerous - a typical Weapon of Math Destruction. For a more in-depth explanation read my blog post here

Select the hour on the slider. Select a day of the week. Hover over the map to see actual crimes and predictions for each zip code.

Visualization by Orlando Torres.